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06 December 2008

2008 Saleen Sterling Edition S302E

2008 Saleen Sterling Edition S302E Specifications


Springs Sport-Tuned Coil Springs (F/R)
Shocks and Struts Front Struts (N2), Rear Shocks (N2)
Sway Bars 1.38" with HD Bushings (F), 0.79" (R)
Wheels (F) 20 in x 9 in
Wheels (R) 20 in x 10 in
Tires Pirelli P-Zero


Layout Front Engine, RWD
Transmission Close-Ratio 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Differential 3.73:1 MaxGrip™ Speed-Sensitive LSD


Engine Type Modular 3-Value SOHC V8
Displacement 5.0 Liters
Horsepower 620 hp @ 6300 RPM
Torque 600 lb-ft. @ 4400 RPM
Bore X Stroke 3.554 in x 3.800 in
Supercharger Port Matched Series VI Integrated Twin-Screw Supercharger


Curb Weight 3645 lbs.
Length 189.1 in
Width 74.0 in
Height 56.0 in
Wheelbase 107.10 in


Weight Distribution 53/47 (F/R)
0-60 mph Less than 4 sec

Base Price: 2008 Saleen Sterling Edition - Approx. $100,000

Saleen Sterling S302E: It Doesn't Like to be Called 'Mustang'

No Ford tuner can come close to the pedigree of Saleen Automotive. To celebrate its 25th anniversary as partners with Ford in making the Mustang faster, more stylish and generally actually worth driving, Saleen has released the chromed out Sterling Edition S302E. The uber-Mustang is, in a word, breathtaking.

The Saleen Sterling Edition S302E begins with what amounts to a Mustang GT in an official partnership with Ford Motor Company. But Saleen automobiles are no ordinary Mustangs. They come as highly-polished, fully realized sports cars with the technical knowhow of the recently retired Steve Saleen, responsible for designing the legendary Saleen S7 supercar.

The Saleen Sterling Edition S302E will destroy even a brand new Ford Shelby GT500 from a red light standing start, and is composed enough to be effective at the track as well. Saleen Automotive pulled out all the stops in putting together the Sterling Edition, and just to look at it is to want one, even for those who wouldn't usually touch a Ford Mustang with a ten-foot pole.


The phrase "Saving the best for last" just got an exclamation point. Just when it appeared all the North American International Auto Show reveals were complete, Saleen Automotive unveiled its 25th Anniversary Sterling Edition Ford Mustang.

"At Saleen, automotive passion is more than a catch phrase, it is a lifestyle," said Saleen General Manager, Marques McCammon. "Showcasing our Sterling Edition Ford Mustang at today's Sterling VIP Preview is a demonstration of the things that reflect the way our buyers live. They have a high sense of style, a love for all things performance and an affinity for the exclusive. That is the very theme of the VIP Preview event."

The Sterling VIP Preview was a night full of announcements from Saleen. Among the more significant was the announced move of the Saleen World Headquarters from Irvine, California to Troy, Michigan. "This is a strategic move for the company," said Saleen CEO, Paul Wilbur. "Our Troy facility has one of the most sophisticated low volume paint facilities in North America. When you combine that with the phenomenal automotive talent pool that is available in Michigan, it is a natural step." The executive stated that Saleen will maintain an advanced engineering and administrative staff in the "Golden State" to support ongoing operations, but vision would be driven from Detroit.

No night with Saleen is complete without product and the Sterling VIP Preview was no exception. To commemorate 25 years of producing high performance specialty vehicles, Saleen unveiled the Sterling Edition S302E. This 25 unit limited edition version of the Saleen flagship car will deliver the patented blend of Saleen style, performance and exclusivity that can only be rivaled by Saleen's own S7.

"The Sterling Edition S302E is the cream of the crop," said Saleen General Manger, Marques McCammon. "Saleen is about details and we left none to

chance when we created this car. From the hand painted graphics, to the 16 oz genuine sterling silver serialized dash plaque, this car has it all. This is the very definition of a 100-point car."


Each badge is brushed billet, milled with the 25th Anniversary wreath. The car rides on unique 20 inch forged aluminum alloy wheels with a state of the art DurabrightTM corrosion resistant coating. The hand painted gunsight exterior accent aims your attention from the rear of the car to the 25th Anniversary wreath that adorns the hood. The Saleen engineered front carbon wind splitter and rear air diffuser were designed to enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The vehicles sub 4 second 0-60 performance is arrested by massive 15 inch cross- drilled vented rotors that are also unique to the "Sterling Edition".


The interior of the car is wrapped in luxurious black Alcantara and leather, with silver accent stitching on the door inserts, dash and center console. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, a genuine sterling silver serialized medallion adorns the instrument panel. To insure that the driver can always stay connected, it includes a navigation system and iPod connector.

The car's 620 horses are called into action at the simple push of a button by virtue of the console mounted push button starter, offered for the first time on an E car in this special edition model.

Lifestyle delivery

The "Sterling Edition" is packed with luxury and style that does not stop with the vehicle. In fact, the customer will be welcomed to the brand in a way that is genuine Saleen. "Every Sterling Edition S302E buyer will get the VIP Treatment," says Saleen VP of Sales, Mitchell Gadd.

In an extreme lifestyle statement, Saleen announced that every buyer of the Sterling Edition will receive a first class round trip visit to the plant for a guided tour, dinner with Saleen executives, a photo album and portfolio of the car, letter of authenticity, a serialized car cover, and Saleen apparel. "Saleen is an experience and the Sterling Edition is a highlight of that experience," said McCammon.

"We are anticipating a momentous year, beginning with our "Sterling Edition". We are working on some very exciting projects and are prepared to deliver exceptional, innovative vehicles to the market," said Chris Theodore, Saleen's Vice Chairman and Chief Technical Officer.


Since the company's inception in 1984, Saleen has produced over 12,000 complete and EPA certified vehicles, more than any other specialty automobile manufacturer. In addition, Saleen has equipped more than 600,000 vehicles worldwide, further emphasizing their capabilities and commitment to excellence.

A nine-time Manufacturers' Champion in GT sports car racing, Saleen manufactured the American super car , the Saleen S7, as well as the S281 Mustang, S331 Sport Truck and the Saleen/Parnelli Jones Limited Edition Mustang. Saleen's manufacturing facilities are located in Troy, Michigan. The Michigan facility has just completed all paint and assembly of the Ford GT as a special project for Ford Motor Company and currently is providing paint and subassembly for the Dodge Viper SRT-10.

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